Regardless of your project’s size, location, and budget, Well Beyond can help you succeed. Whether it be a complete bundle of our services described below, or just one specific service, Well Beyond is committed to ensuring that your impact is maximized, and that your water system is sustainable.

For further information on our services or to inquire about potential bundles, please contact Sarah Evans at

Project Review and Recommendations

Well Beyond team will provide at least one member to conduct a field evaluation where project is needed and provide feedback to NGO project lead. Field evaluation includes locating and investigating current water sources, potential ground and spring water, and surrounding ground and spring water locations – both producing and non-producing systems. These findings on the ground at location will be assessed by Well Beyond project team, and recommendations will be imparted to NGO.

Virtual Oversight of Project Planning  

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Well Beyond team will review project documents, bids, reports, project plans, provider profiles and community-specific obstacles, as well as additional project-specific NGO needs as requested. After comprehensive analyses, team will make recommendations for optimal and most cost-effective project results. This includes, but is not limited to: hydrogeological surveys (existing and procured during contract); borehole reports (existing and procured during contract); quotes for services from surveyors, suppliers, contractors, local skilled and unskilled labor, permits, etc.; pump test proposals and pump test results; and, plans proposed by local contractors.

Project Management  

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Water system planning (including equipment selection, water system and distribution rendering and detail, water production forecasting and recommendations for usage, agricultural recommendations, latrine and other sanitation recommendations, and water treatment planning and selection) is overseen by Well Beyond Team whom will also manage vendor and contractor selection, timeline creation and accountability, and remote oversight of execution.

Complete Project Oversight

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Well Beyond team will be on the ground in Haiti for key implementation, system completion, community training support and follow-up needs.

Annual Warranty

A “warranty” for work is included on an annual, renewable term for additional troubleshooting and general availability, as needed, exclusive of project costs to NGO, as selected by NGO for additional annual cost.

Fundraising Consulting

Effectiveness of fundraising often determines the feasibility of water system projects. Well Beyond team provides consulting services for relations with donors (large and small), social media management, event planning and coordination, and donation database management. These services can be acquired at a discounted rate with the above services, or as separate and individual offerings.


Financial planning and budgeting are essential aspects of any water systems project, and the Well Beyond team can support these two processes throughout the entirety of the project or as a separate service.